Sora Aoi at the train station


Sora Aoi has had enough with working and now it’s time to go on a trip, so she heads to the train station in Thailand, takes a little cruise on a transport boat, and Sora even finds a little baby to take a picture together with. She hikes up her cute army pants and goes wandering into the water, she rides a tuk tuk, and she prays to her ever loving Buddha, Sora Aoi knows how to have an adventurous time, and looking so cute throughout it all awell

Private Talk with Sora Aoi


These are clippings from a magazing article with Sora Aoi called “Private Talk” where she reveals all the inside scoop on her dating, relationships with guys, sex stories, her turn-ons and turn-offs etc etc, pretty hot stuff!! And what can compliment her article the best? Nudie pics of her sexy ass body and tits, you got it!!! Tons of them, she isn’t shy, she loves her fans to see her beautiful naked body

Sora Aoi having a night out on the town


Sora doesnt work and sleep and relax every single day, she needs some relaxation time aswell, so here she took the bus out to 1 of her favorite restaurants, to tear up the asian food. She looks way hot even when she’s smashing warm chinese food into her mouth. Sora is a natural beauty as you can see right here!

Sora Aoi is night swimming


It’s late, it’s dark outside, but the water looks beautiful in the swimming pool, so sexy Sora Aoi heads outside wearing her little tiny bikini, and eases her fine ass body into the pool, all soaking wet, looking so damn sexy! She eventually begins removing her top, and even her bottom to reveal to us, her biggest fans, her naked body, her extraordinary boobs and her little shaven pussy. Let me hit it!!!!!

Sora Aoi schools out!


Sora Aoi just got out of class so she’s still wearing her sexy schoolgirl outfit looking so hot and sexy, her hair in pigtails, just walking home from school. She gets lost or gets astray and finds a little lake of water, she unbuttons her school top and her huge massive tits bust out, they are nearly perfect, no, they ARE perfect!!! She gets in! So hot!