Sora Aoi looking so gorgeous in her brown dress bikini thingy

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Sora Aoi is a sexy japanese girl with big natural boobs and such a tight fit body, she’s so cute and her face is the definition of “innocence”. She’s a really popular Japanese av model and she’s also somewhat of a celebrity in Thailand also. Here she is looking so cute, her boobs looking quite voluptuous and she’s wearing some light brown / tanned bikini 1 piece type suit with the thong part riding deep into her sexy big japanese ass! So hot Sora!

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7 Replies to “Sora Aoi looking so gorgeous in her brown dress bikini thingy”

  1. hi Im from cebu mandaue in the philippines and just want to say that for a girl you have a very cute face but Im sad because a girl like you must be respected by man not having sex with you because you get payed to do it .you are a beautifull girl but a think what kind of job when beautifull as yourself would show her boobs to men I mean no offence but your showing people that you are a bitch and Im sad becuase of that. I saw your face in akinator for the first time and I though that you were a model but when I searched you name ,it when wrong ,you were a pornstar and I didnt’ like that and Im sorry if your crying because of this comment but thats the truth.

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    rudoflo Arispe

  3. i want to making love with you….
    but i just 14 years old…..
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    o.. Sora Aoi my honey

  4. oh my love sora aoi…
    i always horny when i watch your video…
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