Why is Sora Aoi SO popular in Thailand?


So, why is Sora Aoi such a big hit in Thailand? About 40% of the surfers coming to this site are from the country Thailand. I just cant understand it, why arent other Japanese babes a big hit in Thailand? Why only Sora Aoi?

Only thing I heard before was that she is a movie star in Thai? Can somebody give us information about this? Please provide links and any info you have, click on “comments” and post your comment info, and links there PLEASE 🙂


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  1. Yep, she’s soooo popular in Thailand right now. The reason is because she is one of the movie stars in the Thai movie called “Hormones” (Pidtermyai huajai wawoon, original title), which means the holiday time for students. In this movie, it’s about high school and college students that spending holiday time by going on vacation. Sora Aoi is an Japanese tourist that came to Thailand for a fullmoon party in Pha Ngan Island [the very famous party!]. She met a Thai guy during the train travelling and they spend time together on the island. Very nice movie and Sora breaks all the Thais heart!!!

    THe official website for this movie :
    pidtermyai.com/ (dead link)

    pixidol.com/album/sora-aoi/ (dead link)

    IMDB Hormones: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1208717/ (IMDB gives it 7.4 / 10 rating)

  2. wow, SoraLover, that is exactly what we needed!!!! i was so extremely curious about what the exact reason for this is, Pidtermyai must be a VERY popular movie then hehe

    oh, and she doesnt only break Thai hearts, she breaks my heart aswel!!! hehe

    and yes, i heard of the Koh Phangnan full moon parties, i’ll be at one soon enough 🙂

    thanks thanks!

  3. We love that movie, AOI was so wonderful. In Thailand, an AV star never really has a chance in a big achivement like this, then we try to know her more and more.

  4. Thai men love white-skin girl because she looks clean and freshy.
    so Thai men love Japanese AV girl included Sora Aoi.
    Anyway, we give a nickname for her “nong aoi” means “sugar cane” in Thai.

  5. A Thai Movie for teenager, last summer she did a good job. It’s doesn’t mean becasue of her tits, even my daughter 6 years old also LIke Aoi,
    her performance is so natural as the story talking about one lovely Japanese Tourist. Are you getting more vision?

  6. It was the first time I heard about her name when the movie Pidtermyai was first promoted, and all my guys friends were talking about her. When I ask them, they said that this girl is a Japanese AV star. I guess it’s just because one person said it, others who haven’t heard about her would just have to google for her info…don’t you agree?? Anyway, I just saw the movie today and have to admit that she is super cute.

  7. I’m 18 years old. I’m student in Thailand.
    I love SORA AOI very much and my friend too.
    Because she is pretty and lovely .
    I known her from movie.
    She is a popular star in THAILAND alway.
    I wish you back to Thailand every year and have a movie in Thai.
    LUV AOI………..

  8. Mike, no I’ve never seen the movie that Sora Aoi is starring in, I’d like to see it though, next time I’m in Patpong area I’ll look for her dvd to buy, I just hope they have English subtitles on it 🙂

  9. I’m from Thailand, the reason AOI popular in Thailand because she in a movie

  10. Really i like sora aoi very much than any other girl..Donno y but my cock get hard than iron when i see her pic r video..I really love to fuck her once in life time..Even when the guy sucks her boobs i feel really sad as if i miss that chance..I really wish to see her videos that she lactates sweet milk from her boobs..If sora aoi gives me a chance to drink her milk..OOps i wil b the luckiest person…Love u sora aoi..

  11. ddb:
    GREAT job man, great find, actually I did download the movie Hormones already, although I haven’t yet watched it, I’m waiting for the right moment 🙂 but I do see that very famous young Thai actor guy plays in the film too.

    Thanks for that fact 🙂 Also, my thai girlfriend told me her last name “Aoi” is pronounced as – ahhh oooo eeeee
    …. most farangs like myself pronounce it like “oi” haha

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