Sora Aoi attends Songkran 2012 in Buriram Thailand

Sexy and beautiful japanese pornstar and Japanese av girl group leader of Ebisu Muscats named Sora Aoi (aka Sola Aoi) along with many other japanese pornstars visited Buriram Thailand for the annual Songkran 2012 festival this year in April. Sora Aoi is well known in Thailand for her starring role in the movie “Hormones”. IMDB link for Hormones here.

You can see here in these pictures, the japanese and korean models and pornstars arriving in the airport, talking on stage, and also sexy thai coyote dancers putting a show in front of a hugh crowd at I-Mobile Stadium in Buriram United FC, the show put together by Newin Chidchob

More about Songkran in Thailand here.

Chinese netizens jump the firewall to view Sola Aoi’s Twitter page

Super famous Japanese pornstar Sora Aoi (aka Sola Aoi, aka “Xiao Kong” her Chinese interpreted name) is making headlines in the Chinese news including the Dongguan Times for creating Twitter page link (approx 56,000 followers), that is unavailable to Chinese viewers since China blocks Twitter, along with thousands of other popular world news, social networking, and adult nature websites. There are instructions on her website how to override the Chinese blocking to allow supports and fans in China to view and join her Twitter following.

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