Some personal pictures of cute Sora Aoi

I love you Sora Aoi, Sola Aoi! 6135-arrow-through-a-wooden-heart-clipart-illustration.jpg


Here are some cute personal pictures of our cute and busty japanese av model Sora Aoi, they are just her teasing, eating, and hanging out with friends at parties and local restaurants in Tokyo. See more of Sora Aoi’s personal website pictures and information at

Sora Aoi having a night out on the town


Sora doesnt work and sleep and relax every single day, she needs some relaxation time aswell, so here she took the bus out to 1 of her favorite restaurants, to tear up the asian food. She looks way hot even when she’s smashing warm chinese food into her mouth. Sora is a natural beauty as you can see right here!