Sora Aoi in blue lingerie on her bed


Sora is in her white bed, white bedroom wearing nothing but her skimpy little blue lingerie. Blue panties and all, letting her boobs hang naturally in the 1st pic. She is being so lazy yet so sexy on this day, if you were lucky enough to be her boyfriend would you be laying around the house with this sexy japanese girl or would you be out with the boys pounding beers and playing cards? I know for sure i’d be right there in that bed with Sora trying to get my little pecker to split between her legs! LOL. Sora Aoi, you are too fuckin hot!!!! See more of Sora and lots of other hot japanese girls at JsexNetwork

7 Responses to “Sora Aoi in blue lingerie on her bed”

  1. Bastian Says:

    Good Bed….

  2. devil Says:

    beautifully,so sweet.i like it

  3. devil Says:

    so sweet….!

  4. pungpond Says:

    fuck u fuck u!!!

  5. simio Says:

    sweet and sensual..

  6. simio Says:


  7. jesi Says:

    how much is she?!!